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Basic, after Mutiny Patch question

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Aug 05 12
Nova Phantom 4
Hello all

I have a simple, though may be stupid question

After the Mutiny patch, or after Dual Blades get revamped, is a Dual Blade stronger, or a UE Shad?
This is comparing the classes at similar lvls, and equips, which would be more mobile, more survivability, and higher damage.?

EDIT: UE Shad!= Ultimate Explorer Shadower

Aslo, this is for people who have read the mutiny notes, the ones that tells the change in skills for Dual Blades

Also, BTW, thanks to everyone who gave supportive/informative comments
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New thread Replies
Aug 05 12
Scania Battle Mage 4
1) It was a stupid question.
2) what's a UE shad?
3) We dont know yet since the patch didn't happen
Aug 05 12
Bera Paladin
You should do a little research on the 2 classes. I still find Shads to be stronger.
Aug 05 12
Arcania Marksman
Same mobility, Same survivability, In terms of damage, i guess DBs are more of a Hit more do less and Shads are more of a Hit less do more.
Aug 05 12
Bera Shadower
Can someone give me a link to the update notes? and not nexons crappy one.
Aug 05 12
Scania Blade Master
RockGodOne: a shad hitting cap on each hit on Midnight Carnival will beat a DB hitting cap on Phantom Blow.

a typical shad and db however, the DB will win.

DBs have +60% dmg with FC, along with 200% dmg per line if PB with no SP. Shads are slower mobbers, and hindered by the dmg cap. DBs have too many hits to worry about the damage cap.

you forgot about db's having a second wep (which DOES significantly increase your damage range, my katara makes up for 1/4th of my damage range)
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