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Aug 08 12
Broa Jett 3
So i have a 142 merc, and i can barely afford the skill books for aw 30 and dbg expert 30. But i don't know whether i should play this more or my level 47 phantom (trying to get it to 120). I can not even nearly afford the books for phantoms, nor can i afford any % luk equips or anything, should i play my phantom or my merc? opinions please

Thank yous
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Aug 08 12
Scania Phantom 4
Merc because it will be easier to get books once maple patches.
Aug 08 12
Windia Bishop
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Aug 08 12
Mardia Mercedes 4
Go by whichever you have more fun playing. It doesn't really matter how much you have to spend because you are going to be lacking for both. I personally enjoy playing my merc when I am alone and my phantom when my wife plays with me because of the different play styles for each. Also, since your merc is higher level, you can try fighting some things that have a higher % for MMB's (I have found homunculus drop them for me at a pretty decent rate) and try to earn money that way. Who knows, you might even get one of the books you need (I never have, but hey, maybe you'll get lucky ).
Aug 08 12
Windia Mercedes 4
Pikachoox33: If you look closely TS's avatar has a Shield too.

OT: Merc.

ooh i see. but i still only got my shield
Aug 08 12
Khaini Wind Archer 4
Pikachoox33: If you look closely TS's avatar has a Shield too.

OT: Merc.
LOL... you are right.
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Aug 08 12
Scania Corsair
Phantom skill books are way more pricier at the moment, just sayin'.
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Aug 08 12
Bellocan Aran 4
your new job should be an fm merchant and get some decent fundings =P
Aug 08 12
Scania Bishop
TeeReex: merc, seems more genuine.

If you're making a Merc, don't use it as a mule to scam people.
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