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New Ravana Quest Boxes?

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Yayyy, I finished and got my ravana helm. As i killed ravana, this red box dropped. It looks like the cs suprise. It is named ? and the description is ? ?. It is an ect item and it says 'quest item'. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS. i have 2 of them.

So what i have to ask you is :

do you know what these red boxes are?
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thund3rnite Level 156 Bellocan Demon Slayer 4
Theyre bombs
Aug 09 2012
hamdeamon Level 211 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
-crashes everytime I try to go inside Ravana- QQ.
OT: No idea, just felt like QQing in your thread.[/quote]
I dc everytime I try to go in ='l
Aug 09 2012
what? you got box? i killed(more like brutally murdered in 5sec) ravana only once though
Aug 09 2012
I dc everytime I try to go in ='l[/quote]

To solve this, you just have to go in with a party of at least two.
At first I started crashing when I was going in alone, but then I found someone to party with adn we went in just fine.
Aug 09 2012
torch15 Level 184 Windia Mercedes 4
I went in solo. Didnt get a helm though....
Aug 09 2012
mashimarrr Level 171 Scania Wind Archer 4
I invited some 12x noob to go in. He sucked so I, as the 146 had to solo him. Not easy, but we finished. He looted the helm and darted away. FML
Aug 09 2012
lol. No red boxes droppeed?
Aug 09 2012

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