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Hilla medal glitched?

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I just killed the lv 120 version of hilla under 3min without dying

which applies to both medals:
(under 7min) - Light of azwan
(dont get knocked out; which im assuming dont die) - Phoenix of azwan

but when i finished, i did not get the medal completion notice

do these medal only apply to lv 170 ones? or glitched?
PhoenixxllLevel 205 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Posted: August


I just did that too but on 120 and got none
AnifyLevel 201 Windia Bow Master
Aug 09 2012
probably the 170 one.
Aug 09 2012
says the i/l[/quote]

nuff' said
hitting max dmg, you don't deserve the medal!
FyrusLevel 182 Scania Shadower
Aug 09 2012

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