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P/c on Mihile book, Soul Asylum 20

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Aug 18 12
DemethosGMS Phantom 4
p/c on this book? and should i sell now or when mihile comes out? and what does this skill do? xD
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Aug 18 12
Scania Shadower
Don't you have the skill book? Why don't you read the description
Aug 18 12
DemethosGMS Phantom 4
its a mastery book, it doesnt say what that skill does
Aug 18 12
Bera Battle Mage 4
30-50m ea right now, theyll inflate to 300-400m ea on the first 1-3 days of the release, then slowly drop back down to around 5-10m
Aug 18 12
ElNido Wild Hunter 4
idk the price, just wait till mihile comes and u will see
iirc, the skill reduces damage received, a defensive skill is usually maxed later so probably not worth as much as other books
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Aug 18 12
KradiaGMS Bishop
Passive skill- permanently decreases damage taken from enemies. Requires level 15 soul shield. Mastery level of 30. The book will probably be set on the fm for anywhere from 30-100mil. Usually books for classes that haven't been released tend to be priced fairly high. After mihile comes out, the price will steadily drop.

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