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Strongest Maplestory Class?

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There are so many opinions, and I know that Nexon balances classes, but I'm just asking, If you had all lvl 200 characters, with their perfect respective weapons, and perfect stat distribution, which would have the highest range (without buff)? Thanks ^_^
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ValorEye Level 161 Windia Demon Slayer 4
The one with most funding.
Aug 24 2012
Scyth14 Level 136 Scania Xenon 4

But Angelic Burster.[/quote]

Butthurt bishop is butthurt
Aug 24 2012
Depends on what you want. (ksing, mobbing, bossing, survivability, mobility, etc.)
Aug 24 2012
tuesdaymorning Level 74 Scania Ranger
Oh hi there, Mike.
Aug 24 2012
und3rknight Level 144 Bera Kaiser 4
Hero hands down, against bosses hero is by far the strongest class, no argument whatsoever[/quote]

ds is made to boss we have a link skill giving us 10% boss damage isnt that good enough to tell you ds is bossing class
Aug 24 2012
Range and Damage is different for each class.
I have a Shadower with a 22k range and an Evan with a 12k range.
My Evan is probably 50k-75k or so away from my Shadowers damage
Shadower: Level 15x everything needed max.
Evan: Level 131 Magic Mastery maxed. Illusion & Flame Wheel on 1 point.
Aug 24 2012
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