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What weapon do Kaisers use?

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coyote252 Level 106 Windia Hayato 3
Do they use 1h Axe, Bw, Swords or 2H Axe, BW, Swords? or Spears/Polearms? o-o
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They use 2h Swords. So grab those now while you can get them for cheap.
Sep 02 2012
S>clean dragon claymore, lv 110 epic damage6% dex3%

and yeah. it's 2h swords.
Sep 02 2012
S> Two Handed sword dropped by Hilla that seems to be worthless right now...
Sep 02 2012
LegitShadow Level 159 Reboot Dawn Warrior 1
@KuraiFX I've been trying to get one forever! but to bad we're on different servers T_T
Sep 02 2012

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