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What weapon do Kaisers use?

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coyote252 Level 107 Windia Phantom 3
Do they use 1h Axe, Bw, Swords or 2H Axe, BW, Swords? or Spears/Polearms? o-o
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They use 2h Swords. So grab those now while you can get them for cheap.
Sep 02 2012
GunDelHel Level 128 Broa
2H Swords. The same weapon class that's overused in every video game by the dragon-related character.
Sep 02 2012
coyote252 Level 107 Windia Phantom 3
They really need to start making classes that use 2h BW and 2h Axes exclusively... I have a kick ass 2h Axe lvl100 (172atk 1 slot left)
Sep 02 2012
S>clean dragon claymore, lv 110 epic damage6% dex3%

and yeah. it's 2h swords.
Sep 02 2012
S> Two Handed sword dropped by Hilla that seems to be worthless right now...
Sep 02 2012
LegitShadow Level 120 Bellocan Shade 4
@KuraiFX I've been trying to get one forever! but to bad we're on different servers T_T
Sep 02 2012

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