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Dual blade hyper revamp No Hyper Skills idea

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screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
This is just an idea lets overview this revamp
This will be the last revamp for DBs in Ms in future no more revamp for DBs
some skills have been changed to another job

changed skills to another job or skills deleted list:
Blade fury (moved to 3rd job)
thorns ( moved to 3rd job
tornado spin ( moved to 1st job)
flashbang (deleted)
Bandit slash (deleted)
slash storm (deleted)
bloody storm ( moved to 2nd job)
upper stab (deleted)
chains of hell (moved to 2nd+ job)

New skills:
Prelude Lotus (4th job)
Infinity Side (2nd+ job)

changed skills for % dmg and new effect:
tornado spin 380%-400% dmg
bloody storm 265-300% dmg passive effects changed- at lv 1 you can link FA+ BS+ BF
Flying assulter- 165%-200% dmg passive effects changed as said above^^^^^^^
chains of hell 105%-120% dmg
blade fury- 165%-200% dmg and number attacks increased to 5
Phantom blow-200%-300% numbers of attacks 10 and now your main mobbing and bossing for 4th job you CANNOT move it like milles aguilles

New skills info:
Prelude lotus-increases your att by 50 and 20% critical rate. Master of this lv 25 lasts for 230 seconds
Infinity side-increases your avoidability to 10% and increases your Hp and Mp by 15%. master of this lv 10 lasts for 200 seconds

some new edit stuffs:
Guess what? dbs does not have to buy FC and PB anymore because once you hit 4th job you will get them
you still need mastery books.
new master lv for some skills:
tornado spin-10
bloody storm-10
flying assulter-15
chains of hell-15
blade fury-25

the edit skills list for each job:

1st job:
dark sight
flash jump
side step
tornado spin

katara mastery
self haste

2nd job:
bloody storm
fatal blow
channel karma
physical training
katara booster

2nd+ job:
chains of hell
flying assulter
infinity side

3rd job:
blade fury
adv dark sight
mirror image
life drain
enveloping darkness
shadow meld

4th job:
prelude lotus
phantom blow
final cut
sudden raid
mirrored target
maple warrior
toxic venom
dual wield expert

any questions please ask me
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If this is going to be the last revamp of all time, we need a move that goes past the cap of the skill that breaks the damage cap even more than the skills that pass the damage cap in the future, or maybe even more.

More OT: Make sure that hits don't have a cap so we hit 20 times.
Sep 05 2012
Doesn't seem realistic (the new skills you made up)
Sep 05 2012
screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
FalenXangel that would be Hyper skills.

LOLOL guys if you dont like it QQ or get out
Sep 05 2012
ItzATrapp Level 203 Bera Blade Master
I would be happy with a Hyper passive buff that doubles or increases by 50% the attack speed of Phantom Blow and Blade Fury.
Sep 05 2012
dewgong Level 200 Scania Night Lord
how about... ultimate cut? A passive upgrade of sorts to final cut that allows us to bypass the max damage cap by a certain amount while decreasing CD, increasing duraction, and/or increasing damage[/quote]

Let's call that Final Cut Pro, shall we?
Sep 05 2012
BimmieMcGee Level 200 Scania Kanna 4 Mercuria Guild
Jussayin, the max number of hits on one attack is 15...
So the new 10 hit PB will still only hit 15 times with Mirror Image.

And would it be too much to ask for a bit more of an increase on Blade Fury instead of on TS or BS?
Sep 05 2012
New Screen: Shadower 5:29 Dojo
FalenXangel Level 204 Bera Blade Master
@dewgong: just a random name I thought up we can call it final cut elite if someone wants... the idea seems somewhat reasonable considering what the Heros have gotten
Sep 05 2012

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