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Shield Warding Scrolling Question

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I have 3 quick questions

#1 Will the Shield Warding scrolls expire or if they are permanent. (The expiration of the actual item when you have made the purchase.)
#2 Are the 20% anniversary scrolls considered to be special regards to the Diligence Trait (I have see people say both)
#3 Does max Diligence increase the scrolling chance by a flat 10% or 10% of the scroll %. IE on a 60%, will it be 70% or 66%? (I've see people say both T.T)

Thanks fellow Maplerz
YathosYathos - Level 203 Demon Avenger 4
Posted: September


Flat 10%
changdaiCurryKaiser - Level 100 Kaiser 3
Sep 08 2012
Permanent is permanent. Look it up on google definition.
dragon2923stopmegirls - Level 143 Bishop
Sep 08 2012
Ward will expire and are destroyed after use. (EDIT: If they have no shown expiration date, then they should be perma, but still die when used)
Not sure
Flat 10%
Sep 08 2012
Wards are 90days, 20% scrolls are special and diligence doesn't apply, and diligence is flat 10%
awesomepossum37beastmode37 - Level 206 Aran 4
Sep 08 2012
If someone could provide a list of scrolls that DONT work with dilligence, that would be awesome.
Sep 08 2012
i wouldn't worry about if things work with diligence or not.
that 10% is typically so neglible, that it makes no real difference.
low %'s scrolls will fail regardless, the probability is just there, and with higher % scrolls, the 10% improvement isn't a big deal.
and even if diligence did or didn't work, you still probably need to use that scroll anyway, you're not going to get to avoid it and find an alternative with the same effects anyway right?
the only time i've noticed an improvement, is 10%'s. thats it. good old standard 10% scrolls.
chickenpoodlch0c0l8 - Level 206 Bishop
Sep 08 2012
If someone could provide a list of scrolls that DONT work with dilligence, that would be awesome.[/quote]

Right now, I think the only confirmed ones are EE scrolls and Potential Scrolls
YathosYathos - Level 203 Demon Avenger 4
Sep 08 2012
Event ones are not effected by dil, because they are from events.
SacredSealedSacredSealed - Level 161 Dark Knight
Sep 08 2012

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