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can you make a ua from a mihile?
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Sep 10 12
Bellocan Xenon 4
is it possible to make a ua from a mihile this would be knews to me
Sep 10 12
KradiaGMS Kaiser 4
yes it is at lvl 120
Sep 10 12
Scania Wild Hunter 2
read maplestory.com update notes
New MapleStory Screen: Miscarry
Sep 10 12
Windia Hero
As stated in the New Dawn Update found on Maplestory's website. A Mihile is a Cygnus class and there for can make an Ultimate Explorer when he reaches 120 and completes the required quests.
New MapleStory Screen: Pirate Job - All Special Mounts
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