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Range to solo Von Leon?

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Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
After maxed rhino spawns, I was thinking 60k?
Posted: September 2012 Permalink


Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
Its only 550m hp with no healing (you've maxed rhino spawns) DR , Potion/Potential Lock and Map Kick

IMO with a db's avoid you only need a 30k~ range to take him out, as a paladin i can solo with a 30k range (potential locked down to 25k) in around 33mins
and im pretty sure dbs are stronger than paladins 1v1[/quote]

I've dented the HP soloing, but this was before I knew about maxing rhinos so inevitably failed each time. 37k self buffed. Me and my friend almost got the HP low enough so it wouldn't heal to full HP. Almost.
Sep 16 2012
Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
You should be fine if the spawns are maxed, just watchout for him teleing around, that can screw up mob ordering and your 1v1 attack will no longer
lock onto him, its happened to me a few times and its such a pain x-x. IMO dont bring a friend along, having 2 people in the map seems to make him tele more for me.
Aaand watch out for d/cs[/quote]

How does it screw up the mobs?
Oh nevermind, you mean like his invincibility frames, then i'll start attacking rhinos.
Well thanks
Sep 16 2012
Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
@PoetryIsMeh: Does he teleport to the highest damage inflicting player or rhinos when maxed? Cause I might bring my friend anyways (I only need one coin) and i'll use some level 30 weapons and just rush mobs
Sep 16 2012
rabbithole Level 200 Bera Blade Master
Does he teleport to the highest damage inflicting player or rhinos when maxed?[/quote]

To whoever inflicted the most damage on VL.

VL was never about range; he is laughably weak if you max the mobs. The bigger problem is if your client won't crash because that boss was poorly coded and has memory leak issues.

By the way, you'll want to stay left at all times. If PB isn't locking on, then just jump and PB his hand.
Sep 16 2012
Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
@PoetryIsMeh: I just d/ced during ht for the 3rd time -_-
Sep 16 2012
DxidunnoxD Level 211 Broa Blade Master
I soloed him with a 33k self buffed ranged today. It took around like 40-45 mins because he was being a jerk coulda been much faster tho.
Sep 17 2012

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