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Pink bean prequest

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Sep 23 12
Broa Jett 4
Hey guys, I'm currently doing the pink bean prequest and it tells me to go to the one who helped me with my 1st job advancement.

I'm at Kyrin's place and he only has a ,,Job" quest for me, nothing else.

Who should I see?
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Sep 23 12
Scania Assassin
Press Q
Sep 23 12
Windia Bowman
Kyrin is a she
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Sep 23 12
Bera Dark Knight
After talking to her (she won't say anything different), go back to Temple Keeper or whoever gave you the quest.
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Sep 23 12
Broa Jett 4
Thank you for your help, yeah I know it's a female npc sorry for the mistake .. I'll check it out!
Sep 23 12
Bera Hayato 4
if you are doing it on your jett it is glitch
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