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What to get from Spiegelmanns Antique Museum?

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Should I get the Powerful Trait potion or Unappraised Antique? How much trait does the potion give? What stuff can you get from the Unappraised Antique?
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MeMagicalPie Level 210 Kradia Bow Master Sanctuary Guild
Trait potion - 30
Haven't gotten the time to do anything else yet
Oct 11 2012
estella1212 Level 163 Renegades Luminous 4
ew the trait potion is only 30? ewww so much for "powerful" trait potion >.>
Oct 11 2012
I got the unappraised thing and for the reward it gave me.... 10 of those elixirs. Aka spent 6K points and got the prize you can buy for 0.5K I would still get it again though, hopefully it has something in it since the other rewards are meh
Oct 11 2012
i have gotten 10 of those elixers as well and also got 7 day hot air balloon mount which you can also get from the quest as well.
Oct 11 2012
These events suck. Events that shaft you aren't good. I'd rather just have the renegade coins back or like the beauty coupons again. Now THOSE are events.
Oct 11 2012
The trait potion raises a trait to level 30
Oct 11 2012
awesomepossum37 Level 154 Bera Dark Knight
So if your traits are higher than 30, the powerful pot is useless? Do you get to choose which trait potion you even get or is it random? O_o
Oct 11 2012
OrionTempest Level 218 Broa I/L Arch Mage
The trait pot only gives +30, not raise the level to 30. Unless you happen to have proof that it does. It's also random which potion you get.

I'm personally considering the trait pots, or the Pocket item (Gives +200 Insight when equipped).
Oct 11 2012
Save 18k and get the walllet!
Oct 11 2012
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