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Opinion on Microsoft Surface

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tips1660 Level 157 Bera Blade Master
Who else is looking forward to this behemoth of a tablet?
Take note that this tablet is apparently a lot like a pc/tablet/xbox combined
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I don't need a tablet, but I'm looking forward to Apple trying to sue Microsoft.
Oct 23 2012
tips1660 Level 157 Bera Blade Master
Considering that Microsoft had the first tablet technically, I'd like to see them try.
Oct 23 2012
Considering that Microsoft had the first tablet technically, I'd like to see them try.[/quote]

They don't care. They'll do it anyways. That's Apple. They don't give an F about nothin'.
Oct 23 2012
I wouldn't get it yet, since Windows RT is still growing. The RT is a beast though:
Tegra 3
TWO front/back 720p Cameras

Anyway, I'm either going to get the Nexus 7 or iPad mini.[/quote]

I'm not charmed by the specs. It's average. The price is too high for what you get.

An Windows RT tablet is no better than an Android tablet. An Android tablet has a way better eco-system than the RT tablets have so far.

I got the Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi so it has alot more horsepower than the RT tablet. I already tried Windows 8 on my friends Windows 7 tablet and was not charmed about it.

I might get an Surface tablet but not now. It's a big downgrade for me. Might get it when it has a bigger eco-system (1-2 generations later from now on).
Oct 23 2012
No. It's a big no.

Still every other idiot is going to buy it because of good marketing just like with apple.[/quote]

I don't think so. Apple has their iSheeps that WILL buy even an dog with an Apple logo on it. Microsoft does not have MicroGoats so it'll take some patience till it really hits the crowd.

Microsoft had very bad marketing. They are trying their utmost best to really make it a best-seller but it's priced a little too high >.<
Oct 23 2012
Not me.
I'm Android and Nexus all the way
Oct 24 2012
tips1660 Level 157 Bera Blade Master
@osiel66 so your saying that purchasing a tablet that can do the same functions as a computer, easily portable, handles games well, and better in almost every way in comparison to the iPad w/ a decent advertising campaign doesn't deserve to have a lot of purchases?
Oct 24 2012
osiel66 Level 50 Scania Evan 5th Growth
@tips1660: You think that purchasing a tablet with Windows **RT** which does not have all the same functions as a computer, does not play nearly any games at all, is worse in nearly all aspects to an ipad besides a few pieces of hardware and last but not least is incompatible with just about every piece of software in existence deserves to have a lot of purchases? (and advertising should play no part in an item's value. If you are influenced by this then you should be ashamed)
Oct 25 2012
tips1660 Level 157 Bera Blade Master
@osiel66: windows 8 not RT is what i want. + In regards to your gaming point, the market really hasn't been tested and tried yet, it can probably run it, also hardware wise it is almost 100% superior to the IPAD (with the exception of text according to most reviewers so far), and it is compatible. Where are you getting your facts from? Also, do you understand what the purpose of advertising is? I'm kinda tired of people trying to look 'smart' by dumping on things like polls/advertising because they're for 'the common folk". Sorry to burst your bubble,but you ain't no Bill Gates.
Oct 25 2012
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