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Beauty coupon drop rate?

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Will they be rare like looking for a ee at zak or will they be common like pepe's beak from pepe?
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They will drop like tea bags. Pretty often.
Oct 23 2012
Pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
They were extremely common during the last event, I guess the same will go for this one.
Oct 23 2012
brandiano Level 20 Renegades

Time for ugliest look ever
Oct 23 2012
i think teabags are right comparison.

its not like it comes with evey kill like pepe beaks. but often enough
Oct 23 2012
lukie1993 Level 58 Broa Assassin
I'm really excited for the beauty coupons, still got the looks of the last beauty event.. I look horrible
Oct 23 2012
as often as you get laid[/quote]

does having a girlfriend and making it twice a day is considered getting laid?
Oct 23 2012
TheHazza Level 203 Galicia Bow Master
does having a girlfriend and making it twice a day is considered getting laid?[/quote]

then you shall receive 2 beauty coupons a day.
Oct 23 2012
@TheHazza: yay! It would be an achievement actually since I haven't gotten out of the fm in a week.
Oct 23 2012
extremly rare i got 2 for 3.5hours
Oct 24 2012
No. I don't know what people are talking about they are not rare >.<
I get like 5-10 per hour
Oct 24 2012
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