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Oct 27 12
Bera Phantom 4
I personally chose Republican, but why?
Even though imo Mit Romney is not that good as Obama...
-I am Canadian, so meh.
-Abraham Lincoln BEST PRESIDENT EVA is Republican
- Republican sounds better than Democratic to me
-Elephant is kooler than donkeys guys... XD
-(For Medals) Red is cooler to me because I have empress, and one colour to rule tem all

How bout u guys?
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Oct 27 12*
Scania Phantom 4
I chose republican because I kept tapping npc chat and republican was at the top.
Oct 27 12
Bera Blade Recruit
Blue looks cooler with empress. Ur medal is more pink than red
Oct 27 12
Scania Blade Master
Both candidates suck this go around, but Romney is the lesser of the two.
Obama has no record to stand on.

>Begin debate thread
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Oct 27 12
Windia Paladin
Im democratic
republican medal looks better with empress
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Oct 27 12
Bera Dark Knight
I liked the Elephant and red medal colour despite the fact that I lean more towards Obama than Mitt.
I am not really pro republican or pro democrat. I just find democratic parties to be a bit more beneficial
through my experiences with the view on politics. (Note I am Canadian as well, I have no interest in Canadian Politics rofl)
Oct 27 12
Mardia Paladin
The views of Republicans and Democrats have switched.
Modern day Lincoln would have been considered a Democrat in most aspects.

I chose Democrat because, like everyone in the chat section knows, i'm the like number one Obama supporter in the worrrlllddddddddd
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Oct 27 12
I chose democrat.
Oct 27 12
Bera Phantom 4
nice to hear guys
Obama > Romney, but having a Canadian background i chose one based on ms and colours etc (elephants) XD
btw any of u seen ERB Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama? Great video
Oct 27 12
Galicia Cannoneer 3
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