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I met a Gm for maplestory in real life, it was an experience

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that most people don't get and one...
that I'll probably soon forget!

With a little bit of delving I found an old picture of him.
[url=]He's the one on the far left?[/url]
Basically he was at a conference I went to for game markets and mmo distributors, and we talked for a little while after he finished speaking. His name is Min Kim and he's a really nice guy!
If you guys ever take a tour of Nexon, or w/e you'd have to do try and get to know him. He's in charge of marketing.

Myth's which I was able to debunk. (Most are obvious)
  1. Maplestory 2 is completely fake.
  2. GM's don't like talking about new classes.
  3. They should re-release MTS before the end of 2013 with notable changes to the system [no details].
  4. They're going to allow same sex marriages in game before the end of 2013.
  5. There's going to be a whole new set of mini dungeons, and the surprise style boxes will be taken out of the game permanently soon. As a result of duping.

I wrote more down but I don't have my pen and pad with me, so I'll update you guys later!
I'm actually not very familiar with maple atm, it's been around a month since I last played.
So some of this stuff may have happened already, feel free to correct me!

Learn more about Min here:
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shortmech Level 200 Scania Aran 4
Not sure on same s3x marraige.
Nov 08 2012
SMOOTHiiiES Level 122 Windia Bow Master
Woot, MTS is re-releasing!
Nov 08 2012
Ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
Yeah I remember seeing a few notices on the Maplestory website a while back announcing that Min Kim was now the lead of Marketing and Sales and whatnot. He seemed like a pretty cool dude.
Nice that you got to meet him, if you really are telling the truth. Good news about the MTS and the dungeons.
Nov 08 2012
@Ecyz I actually didn't know he worked for nexon until I had the chance to talk to him.
Yeah, my title is a bit flashy with the "I met a GM" but that's technically what he is, right?
Marketing Master Min Kim!
Nov 08 2012
ArtZomg Level 119 Bellocan Buccaneer See what games, anime & art ArtZomg is intoArtZomg
Not sure on same s3x marraige.[/quote]

Mabinogi already did it, so it's highly possible (if that's what you meant).
Nov 08 2012
GreenyScott Level 200 Khaini Battle Mage 4
1. Maplestory 2 is fake? Is that why NexonKO shown some pictures about it? etc.

2. NexonAM knows nothing more than we do, NexonKO designs all the new jobs.

3. They already said it's gone forever, move on, get over it.

4. No comment.

5. In charge of marketing huh? Is that why he told you all this? If surprise style boxes were being removed for duping, they would have been gone by now.

Also... That picture was from 2008. <_<
Nov 08 2012
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