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How the heck do i get to sakura castle

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aquaboi23 Level 150 Bellocan Night Lord
So uhh,i honestly don't know how to get to sakura castle,anyone willing to help?
Posted: November 2012 Permalink


dimensional portal OR theres a quest u can accept from tae gong and then wiz Should be in your stars on the left side of ur screen
Nov 18 2012
aquaboi23 Level 150 Bellocan Night Lord
Thanks guys
Nov 18 2012
+1 Go to Wiz in Helios tower or accept the quest in the lil yellow star. Get the book from Wiz (LOL) and the use it to get there. After that Dimensional portal works too.
Nov 18 2012
have you ever since you made this character, ever accepted quests from the left hand side and actually read them?
Nov 18 2012

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