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No Mirror Image 20 on Basil?

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Basically title, Why is there no Mirror Image 20 on Basil? T-T
Posted: November


I have one in my bams inventory lol
Trying to sell it, but no one buys at fm[/quote]

And I desperately need it... why must we be in different worlds.
MangoCoffeeDragoniMango - Level 110
Nov 23 2012
Trolls Use mirror image 30. There is no requirement of using 20 first because 20 doesn't exist
Nov 23 2012
theres a mirror image 20?
permadragonseugeneisshad - Level 41
Nov 23 2012
i got mirror image 20, if you need inbox me o-o
howeazyNoodiehero - Level 121
Nov 23 2012

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