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Dec 02 12
Bera Bow Master
I'm a relatively new BM, and I am struggling to find skill books. Funds are somewhat short (DAMN YOU PAP FOR NOT DROPPING JACK TO SELL), so I am coming to the community for advice.

I have tried searching for where my core skill books can be dropped and I am unhappy to find out that either my searching skills blow or there isn't a whole lot of information regarding it. If you have information about where I could find AFA, Bow Expert and SE from NORMAL MONSTERS that would be great. If I can't find them from normal monsters, what bosses drop them?

On another matter, I am currently 134. As stated previously I am struggling to find skill books. I have "maxed" out all skills to 10, besides getting Hurricane to 30 (Thank you event book) and I left MW at 0.

My question is
A. Should I worry about finding skill books at my current level and just focus on leveling until i can solo Zakum for cash and prizes or
B. Try to work on finding skill books as best as possible in spite of low level and funds reserve (I.E. get people to take me on boss runs to hope to God to find better equips and skill books)

Any help is appreciated and Happy Mapling
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Dec 02 12
Windia Marksman
Skill books no longer drop from specific monsters. Anything 110+ (I think) drops a mystery mastery book, which, as you may already know, hands out one random mastery book. It's pretty much a gamble, so it's more efficient to just go to FM and buy your books.

How much funds do you have to spare on books? I believe your books don't cost a lot, so you won't need to spend a lot.. Focus on getting some of your more impotant skills first (Refer to a guide for which skills are 'important'). Then you can try out bossing.

A good source of income can e professions. Mining and Crafting is a good combo, I think. Long process, but it pays off from time to time. Only problem is, you need some mesos to get started.
Dec 02 12
Bera Bow Master
I'm disappointed to hear about the MMB's. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to resort to that. To answer your question about my cash, I'm pretty poor by current standards (4m, but it does buy my pots to train so whatevs). I have considered trying to sell ores and crystals for crafting and whatnot, but I believe it would take me quite a bit longer than some estimated time to play the lottery with MMB's, assuming that you could find at least 1 MMB a day in training in secluded spots (I.E. Leafre)
Dec 02 12
Broa Bow Master
Go to werewolves or lycanthropes, you could find 1 or 2 in a few (min to hours). Good luck.
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Dec 02 12
Khaini Marksman
Just as an FYI, they're called "mastery" books. Anyways, MMBs are still pretty rare to find (I find that scrolls drop more often than MMBs). You do have a couple of chances to get random BM only mastery books. Doing the Neo City, LHC (can be time consuming though), and Silent Crusade quests will give you a random BM book. You could also save up your coins and buy BM mystery mastery books from the Tempest shop when it's released.
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Dec 02 12
Bera Bow Master
AznFlip - Skill books and Mastery books are synonymous. But thanks for the info about the Tempest shop, and I didnt know that the LHC quests could give you one as well. But with my current level, I can really only go so far with these quest lines
Dec 02 12
Broa Blade Master
just go to the fm and search for them, SE is a bit pricey for you and AFA for BM cost quite a bit.
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Dec 02 12
Scania Hayato 4
Skill books and Mastery Books are NOT synonymous.
Skill books are what DBs, Arans, and Evans need to actually LEARN their skills. As of now, only Heroes, Bishops and Paladins need skill books in the adventurers (and DB, if you count them).
Mastery books are what EVERY class needs in order to INCREASE THE MASTERY LEVEL of a skill.
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Dec 02 12
Nova Mechanic 4
I thought BM didn't have any skill books. And no, you can not find them from normal monsters, you can only find MM from mobs.

Just wondering, why the heck did you get the hurricane special mastery book?
Dec 02 12
Bera Bow Master
LockedDOwn: I thought BM didn't have any skill books. And no, you can not find them from normal monsters, you can only find MM from mobs.

Just wondering, why the heck did you get the hurricane special mastery book?

Just because. In hindsight, I would have rather gotten AFA or Bow Expert, seeing as how damn hard it is to find them.
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