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Angelic Burster Link Skill?

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Can someone give me the details on the AB link skill? I think it's something like 50% damage for 10 seconds (100% when AB is using it), but that seems a little ridiculous. It should get nerfed some time later, but level 2 brings the skill back up to 45% for 10 seconds (90% for AB). Is this true? Because if it is, I will have to make one just for the link skill, no matter how much I hate OP classes... >.<
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its only lasts for 10 seconds with a 90sec CD though...[/quote]

Every comment you post has five likes...I'm growing suspicious of you...

EDIT: Items...derp
Dec 05 2012
@JelloBears1: i think youre getting that confused with "5 items"... o_o

edit: you redeemed yourself lol
Dec 05 2012
sillybrother Level 200 Broa Zero Transcendent
If you really don't want OP classes, then don't get the link skill. No one's forcing you.

Darn hypocrites these days
Dec 05 2012
For 10 seconds, all skills hit cap. Cooldown: 90 seconds[/quote] lol what?

100% damage boost for 10 seconds if used by AB 90 seconds cooldown, if used as a Link skill 50% damage boost
Dec 05 2012
Yuel Level 200 Windia Shadower
@battleox288: Mechs excluded. And bishops.[/quote]

0/10 try harder.
Dec 05 2012
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