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what class is xenon automata and demon avenger?

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canine Level 202 Bera Battle Mage 4
are they legend, resistance or chief knights? classes is like bowmen warrior mage pirate and thief. sub class is like shad, DB or phantom. whats that word we use for legend chief knight and resistance? thanks
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IK for sure that Automata and DA are resistance, lulz but idk even what Xenon is!
Dec 12 2012
xXAranNightzXx Level 172 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Xenon=Auto They Are Resistance :Subclass Thief (All understandings from orangemushroomBlog)
DemonAvenger=Resistance:Branch of a DS. Choose Demon slayer or Demon avenger at lvl 10
Dec 12 2012
I believe xenon = automata By chief knights, do you mean mihile and cygnus knights for the normal ones? And demon avenger is a demon slayer subclass I guess?
Dec 12 2012
lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Xenon and automata are presumably the same thing (the resistance theif) Demon avenger is an HP based warrior whose given up his demon force (an alternate path for demon slayer)
Dec 12 2012
canine Level 202 Bera Battle Mage 4
so theres only 2 new classes in kms and not 3? which is more oped?
Dec 12 2012
Xugnacious Level 210 Scania Blade Master
before I entered this, I thought you talked about me because of "xeno" -look at my ign-
Dec 12 2012
djhfreak Level 126 Windia Shade 4
First off, Xenon is Automata.

Demon Avenger = Resistance Warrior (Sub-job of Demon Slayer)
Xenon (Automata) = Rumored to be Resistance Thief
Dec 12 2012

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