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Strategies for Magnus boss
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Dec 19 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
Here's my two cents on Magnus, for those of you that haven't fought him yet. he is arguably a bigger pain than Chaos Pink Bean and Cygnus, BECAUSE of that stupid kill count, and after much deliberation, and losing many, many times, I was able to solo the guy. Judging by the drops, I've noticed that he drops mostly sellable use items and equips (e.g. sunrise dew and level 90-100 armors/weps), coins and RARELY the 250 atk sword, along with the occasional money in normal mode. On hard mode, I'm guessing he has a higher drop rate for Tyrant gears and he also drops that coveted 400 attack sword and I'm sure it's more rare than the 250 atk. He almost always drops several coins, which are used to get those Tyrant gears, although you'll still need to fight him or have a truckload of cash to get that 250/400 atk kaiser sword which in my opinion isn't worth it anyways since a decently potted empress 2h overpowers it, AND it has potential ability plus that nice +30% boss damage and +30 attack bonus, which the Kaiserium can't even begin to compare to since there's no set effect and you can't pot it. If you don't feel you're ready for the Magnus fight, you can do Daily Heliseum quests to get Elite Helisium gears that are still ridiculously good as well. Anywho, onto the strategy!

On normal mode (I haven't tried hard mode as of yet) there is several things to watch out for and tips I can give you future Magnus Slayers.


Unless you have self heal or are a dodging god with either teleport or are a shadower, don't even try (keep in mind I'm making this guide for LEGIT players, not you hackers that can take him down in less than a minute). The meteors that drop constantly throughout the fight take off 50% -100% of your hp if they land on you, and Magnus has 50% - 100% hp drop moves that ignore all defenses.

Party: GET A CLERIC, PHANTOM, OR LUMINOUS. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a healing class with you. All pots are reduced to less than 10% of what they're capable of, even power elixirs only heal like 5-10% hp, and all pots have a 5+ second cooldown. Don't even rely on them, heal pots are utterly useless in this fight.

The first things to watch out for are the constantly falling meteors, that come in varying sizes and colors. Green ones are the smallest and take off an instant 50% hp. Blue meteors are medium sized and fall slightly faster than the other two meteors, and 1 shot you. The last kind are huge and purple and fairly fast, though not as fast as the blue ones in drop speed; the purple ones are also instant death.

The next thing to watch out for is the little grey pillars that poke out of the ground occasionally. They have a small green cloud that spurts out of them for a few seconds, then they explode in a fluffy green cloud about the size of a max level poison mist from a f/p mage. You NEED to avoid these as well, because if you're caught in the blast radius, you'll be stunned for about 5 seconds and become nothing but a sitting duck. See why I'm saying you need tele or a shad yet?

Okay, onto Magnus himself:

The second you see him, you'll notice that he's surrounded by a giant blue wall on either side. You need to be within these walls to do damage to him, if you attack him outside of these blue walls, then your attacks will ALWAYS do 0 damage (very bad to fight Magnus if you're a long range attacker, don't even try with one I say).

Magnus's attacks (for normal mode) are as follows:

Rush - He'll charge forward to the left or right about 1/4 of the map, inflicting 50% damage to everyone he hits along the way. Fairly easy to dodge if you see it coming.

Dark Webs - This attack doesn't do any damage, but it severely decreases your run speed and disables movement skills such as teleport and flash jump for about 15 seconds.

Fire Sword - He pauses in the air for a second, then jumps up in the air and heads straight down, killing everyone directly below him. Make sure NOT to be under him unless you see him actually hovering in the air (that's when he does the double blast move).

Purple Double Buster- Magnus flies to the top of the screen and shoots pillars of purple light from his hands diagonally downward like this --> / . This move is really easy to dodge, all you need to do is stay directly underneath him when you see him hovering near the top of the screen. This move will 1 shot you if it hits you.

Blue Sword Vortex - He hovers in the air while creating a blue flaming whirlpool that covers almost the entire bottom of the area inside the blue walls at the beginning of the fight. You need to get out of the attackable blue wall area when he uses this one...FAST. Your hp will be reduced by 50%.

Golden Partner - He summons a greenish-gold version of himself that vertically strikes a random area of the map. It's fairly easy to dodge if you see it coming, like the rush move. It's also a 1 hit ko (this fight has WAY too many of those >.<.

Magnus also casts a Zombie effect on party members as well!

Healing during the fight:

- Do NOT heal during if you have a zombie status effect over your head, it will 1 shot you.

- For using heal potions, you want to use the heal potions while inside the "blue wall" area for the full effect of them. If you use them outside of this area, it SEVERELY limits how much they heal, even moreso if you have the zombie debuff on.

Another thing to remember also, your party can only die a maximum of 20 times before it's booted out of the boss fight, so bring along people you know can handle this kind of fight. As time goes on in the fight, the blue wall area will shrink, forcing you fight Magnus in closer and closer quarters. If you die many times, it also does this to a degree as well. Another thing to mention is that like the potions, your damage is also severely handicapped (both your healing potions and damage are reduced to 10% of the max it can heal or cause). This doesn't apply so much to poisons and dot effects; if you dot inside the blue wall, once you move out of it, the dot still ticks for the same amount until it runs its course.

For the most part, the best strategy would be to hang around the outer edges of the inside of the blue wall, that way you can still do damage to him, while having that slight buffer room to get out of the way of all his attacks if you need to.

So not only do you have to dodge projectiles and floor traps, you have to dodge HIS attacks as well. The best classes I'd say to fight Magnus solo-wise would be a Phantom, Luminous, Bishop, or Shadower. If you do go inside in a party with a healer, make sure they know not to try and heal anyone (or themself) as it'll be a 1 hit ko.
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Dec 19 12
KradiaGMS Shadower
Thanks for the tips. Gonna try it today
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Dec 19 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
One thing I should mention, the more you die, the smaller the area you can attack Magnus in becomes, so the more you die, the harder it gets.
Dec 19 12
Windia Night Lord
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Dec 19 12*
KradiaGMS Shadower
Jumegaltean: One thing I should mention, the more you die, the smaller the area you can attack Magnus in becomes, so the more you die, the harder it gets.

Oh, forgot to ask, do you lose exp upon dying? Also, what range would be enough?
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Dec 19 12*
Galicia Mercedes 1
lgnorant: Oh, forgot to ask, do you lose exp upon dying? Also, what range would be enough?

depends on what class and amount of time you have. But you will need some pretty high range to solo... (cough200k+anditwillstilltakealongtimecoughcough)
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Dec 19 12
KradiaGMS Shadower
evan111998: no.
depends on what class and amount of time you have. But you will need some pretty high range to solo... (cough200k+anditwillstilltakealongtimecoughcough)

200k for normal mode? Dang.
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Dec 19 12
Mardia Shadower
Sorry for my noobness, but what does a Shad have that makes him good? Again, sorry for being a noob.
Dec 19 12
Galicia Aran 4
What type of coins do HQ quests drop? There's different types of coins needed for Tyrant gears.
Dec 19 12
Windia Cannoneer 4
Thanks for the tips!
I like the new boss, now there's some kind of strategy instead of only mindless skill spamming.
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