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Angelic Buster Weapons-Where to get them?

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Dec 30 12
Windia Aran 3
This guide will be obsolete on January 9th, but if I missed something, please let me know.

As far as my knowledge goes, Soul Shooter item's don't drop from monsters, but can only be obtained from either A. Recipes or B. Boss boxes. Here's a list of ones I've been able to find that you can get legitimately in-game. If there's something missing or if you know any other ways to get Soul Shooters, please comment.
Also, items that are labeled as "Untradable" may or may not need Scissors of Karma to make them tradable.

King Pepe Pink Haze (Lvl. 35) (Untradable) - King Pepe Pirate Box
Xerxes's Pink Wormhead (Lvl. 70) (Untradable) - Xerxes Pirate Box
Pink Wormhead (Lvl. 70) (Tradable) - Blacksmithing, no recipe needed. Ingrediants needed to craft
Red Wormhead (Lvl. 80) (Tradable) - Blacksmithing, no recipe needed. Ingrediants needed to craft
Jade Wormhead (Lvl. 90) (Tradable) - Blacksmithing, no recipe needed. Ingrediants needed to craft
Balrog's Red Wormhead (Lvl. 80) (Untradable) - Balrog Reward
Balrog's Jade Wormhead (Lvl. 90) (Untradable) - Balrog Reward
Jade Worm (Lvl. 105) (Untradable) - Dragon Rider Pirate Box
Iron Dragon (Lvl. 110) (Tradable) - Recipe
Dragonic Jade Worm (Lvl. 110) (Tradable) - Recipe
Reverse Purple Dragon (Lvl. 120 (Tradable) - Recipe
Necro Purple Dragon (Lvl. 120) (Tradable) - Dropped by Hilla (Normal Mode) (?)
Cora Von Leon White Worm (Lvl. 120) (Untradable) - Coins from Von Leon, bought from NPC Murt
Shark Tooth Soul Drinker (Lvl. 140) (Tradable) - Recipe (Dropped by Cygnus) (?)

List of monsters that drop Iron Dragon Recipe : Skelosaurus, Blood Harp, Master Death Teddy, Dual Birk, Black Kentaurus, Blue Dragon Turtle,Dragon Rider,Manon,Riche

List of monsters that drop Dragonic Jade Worm Recipe : Nest Golem, Blue Dragon Turtle, Blue Wyvern, Dark Cornian, Mutant Orange Mushroom, Dragon Rider

List of monsters that drop Reverse Purple Dragon : Qualm Monk, Chief Oblivion Guardian, Black Kentaurus, Blue Dragon Turtle,Chief Memory Guardian, Blue Speeyor

  • I put a (?) next to things that need confirmation.
  • *If you have enough Tempest Coins(68 to be exact), you should buy a Tempest Soul Shooter if you don't have the ingredients to craft any of the above Soul Shooters. (Tempest Soul Shooter is unavailable as of now, but will be available next patch.)
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Dec 30 12
Khaini Hermit
Thanks, I was looking for this earlier today.
Dec 30 12
Scania I/L Arch Mage
this is very interesting, i never check crusader code or recipe... wow nice listing. ( that lv140... i've seen people selling for 1b unsold crafted)
Dec 30 12
Scania Mercedes 4
I've seen the von leon one too
Dec 30 12*
Windia Aran 3
kazekage831: I've seen the von leon one too

Ah, I forgot about that one. I'll add it right away. Thanks!

EDIT: I can't seem to find it on basil Do you happen to remember the name of the item?

EDIT 2 : I found it. Cora Von Leon White Worm!
Dec 30 12*
Arcania Phantom 4
I got the Reverse Purp Drag recipe from the mobs that I can't remember their name X(

You take the VIP taxi in Leafre to Dragon Forest then go past the Blue things to the Red things

nvm found it, Red Dragon Turtles drop Reverse recipe
Dec 30 12*
Windia Wild Hunter 4
Red Dragon Turtles

Edit: Ninja'd by an edit.
Dec 30 12
Galicia Shade 4
just making sure but u can get these now in GMS?
Dec 30 12*
Windia Aran 3
javi28: just making sure but u can get these now in GMS?

Yes, if you are low leveled you can easily get King Pepe's Pink Haze from King Pepe party quest. It's level 35 but unfortunately needs Scissors of Karma to be made tradable. Alternately, you can get a high level character and craft tradable Soul Shooters, such as Iron Dragon and Dragonic Jade Worm.

Also, if you have a blacksmith character that is at least level 4 blacksmithing, you can craft a tradable level 70 Pink Wormhead.
Dec 30 12
Broa Phantom 4
Reverse Purple Dragon drops from one of the guardians in ToT forgot which tho.
MapleStory Screen: Crogs in ludi.
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