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How to get back into sakura castle

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kboa1234 Level 213 Scania Night Walker 4 OverRanged Guild
I got a mysterious book for a quest and I went inside and ended up in sakura castle. I thought I finished all the quests and got out but I later found out that I didn't. So I was just wondering how I can get back to the castle. I checked my inventory and I don't have the book anymore. Thanks for the help!
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GragonHermit Level 167 Bera Night Lord
Dimensional Mirror.
Dec 30 2012
themags Level 201 Bera Hero
You don't need the book. You can go to the Castle using the dimensional mirrors in towns.
Dec 30 2012
Mechace117 Level 177 Khaini Blade Master
You can enter Sakura castle by going to the dimensional mirror. The option to enter sakura castle should be there~
Dec 30 2012
grawp77 Level 215 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Dimensional Mirror
Dec 30 2012

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