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Noo Noo familiar

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Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
I heard that NooNoo familiar drops items?
The person said they got a box from it?
What can the box give?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


WingDrow Level 191 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Maybe you misunderstood.

Some NPCs at towns drop green boxes when you click on them. They are Xmas-related-nameless NPCs.
Dec 31 2012
Sync55 Level 211 Bera Phantom 4
I think he meant what's written on the familiar card.

"Attack with an 80% chance of stunning 4 enemies for 6 seconds. While summoned, consumes Vitality to occasionally produce items."
Dec 31 2012
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
Sync55 was right
And the person said they got a box from it.
I'm wondering what you can get?
and WingDrow you're wrong too.
Dec 31 2012
ohyegods Level 150 Bera Phantom 4
Well, I hunted NooNoo over 1000 times and it eventually dropped a Familiar card in Happyville.
I can show you the familiar if ure in Bera ^__^ I nicknamed him Ice Cream.
Dec 31 2012

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