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Noo Noo familiar

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Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
I heard that NooNoo familiar drops items?
The person said they got a box from it?
What can the box give?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink
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WingDrow Level 191 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Maybe you misunderstood.

Some NPCs at towns drop green boxes when you click on them. They are Xmas-related-nameless NPCs.
Dec 31 2012
Sync55 Level 211 Bera Phantom 4
I think he meant what's written on the familiar card.

"Attack with an 80% chance of stunning 4 enemies for 6 seconds. While summoned, consumes Vitality to occasionally produce items."
Dec 31 2012
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
Sync55 was right
And the person said they got a box from it.
I'm wondering what you can get?
and WingDrow you're wrong too.
Dec 31 2012
Smiling ghost stump says the same thing. I've never seen it drop anything. Nexon probably broke it.
Dec 31 2012
ohyegods Level 150 Bera Phantom 4
Well, I hunted NooNoo over 1000 times and it eventually dropped a Familiar card in Happyville.
I can show you the familiar if ure in Bera ^__^ I nicknamed him Ice Cream.
Dec 31 2012

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