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When do we get hyper skills?

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So i'm currently training to 200 (195 atm) and I wanna know when imma be a boss and get some hyper skills, to crank out some real damage.
Note: I'll be getting 5 levels tommorow. I go harder then the paint (aka: no life with 2x)
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iLegalize Level 200 Windia Night Lord
Jan 08 2013
jacktyme Level 201 Kradia Blade Master
Do you ant to train with me?
I'm still level 166. I haven't been training at all. Was working on my damage. I can play on friday,Saturday, and Sunday
OT: probably next month
Jan 08 2013
iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
Are you a shadower, DB, or phantom

Base on your basil char looks like its a shad and shad doesn't get Hyper Skills yet till maybe Feb? Or sooner than that[/quote]

Jan 08 2013
Hyper skills come out with angelic buster.
Jan 08 2013
onewhodesire Level 209 Bellocan Shadower
Considering GMS and Hime's words on how the Hyper Skills will be released for all jobs in one big Patch, instead of in parts like KMS, I wouldn't be surprised if it is actually February instead of this Month.
Jan 08 2013
jacktyme Level 201 Kradia Blade Master
@rykidd16 i mean, do you want to train with me. I need to train.
Jan 08 2013
@jacktyme, i'll train with you. Just add me ingame. I'll be 200 by tomorrow though, so don't expect like an epic training sesh with doritos and mountain dew.
@m3zmur1ze, i was told that too. But tbh i'm having my doubts. Why would nexon make me happy .-.

On the offchance that it DOES come out tomorrow, I can promise you that i'll go even harder then the paint to get 200. (AKA constantly buy 24hr's)
Jan 09 2013
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