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Soo I kinda left the base and I'm wondering how to go back to the base from Pantheon.
TeDYBeARHUgzstarbvrsts - Level 125
Posted: January


You're pretty much going to have to look around for it yourself.

That's what I had to do. I find Pantheon confusing, map-wise
LucchiniiJaynoue - Level 71
Jan 10 2013
I don't see why can't they make a navigation for it.
TeDYBeARHUgzstarbvrsts - Level 125
Jan 10 2013
I found it, I had the same problem. You go to East Pantheon: East Pantheon Forest where the Kaloongs are and right smack in the middle of the map next to the directional pole is where you will find a portal (glowing gold). You enter it and you are there, but you have to keep moving right into the portals.
LiToxViCkAiiMrsOilyButt - Level 145 Scania
Jan 10 2013

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