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Jan 18 13
Where can you get them?
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Jan 18 13
From a salesmen in root abyss that sometimes appears.
Jan 18 13
I didn't even mean to disrespect anyone. I honestly just wanted to know where I could buy them in Root Abyss.
Must I kill the boss before I can buy it?
Jan 18 13
What other thread are you talking about?
Jan 18 13
What do you want me to do? Do you want me to apologizes that I created a new thread, and that yours was already opened and I didn't see it? I just wanted to seek help, and I appreciate that you answered my question, but to heckle me like this, no one deserve that.
Jan 18 13
im going to make same thread cuz i wanna know too
Jan 18 13
Pendant: I want you to be like every other person.
Stop posting after your thread is answered and continue to lurk without contributing anything other than spam and complaints.

You got your answer, stop taking everything over the internet so personally.

Edit: Lol, I don't post answers for ass kissing.
There was 0 need for you to post in that other thread instead of directly thanking me here.

People complain about drama when they start it.
What a condescending moron you are.
Jan 18 13
Pendant: mad bro?
Jan 18 13
Khaini Marksman
its simple, kill any boss and there's a 20% chance the npc that sell them appears just next the boss deadbody.

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