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How to properly allocate Xenon Ap
MapleStory Forums : Xenon : Talk about the Xenon class
Jan 30 13
Khaini Buccaneer
To any of you who are familiar with Diablo 3, I doubt you'd be asking the mechanics behind this, since you've undoubtedly encountered the monk passive 'One with everything'.
The AP system is similar in this game to the aforementioned Resistance system.

Don't stack %all stats as opposed to singular % stat. Not only does it not benefit you in the least, it hinders your chances of finding viable equips, and makes them more expensive.

Study market trends, and invest in the cheapest readily available %stat.

My presumption at the moment is that the cheapest stats for the first while will either be %str equips, because buccaneers are hardly played anyways, and if I recall correctly Xenons are considered pirates ingame, or %int equips, because post luminous, we wont be expecting a new mage class for a relatively long time, long enough for %int stats to deflate.

Feel free to poke and prod at any loose ends you find in my theory.

Thanks for reading.
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Jan 30 13
Bera Buccaneer
I'm pretty sure Xenons dont need int.
Jan 30 13
Nova Mechanic 4
Xenon do not use %int Nice try though. Your base ap must be at least 3330 in luk/dex/str to use multilateral V.
Jan 30 13
Galicia Phantom 4
AP allocation for Xenon is quite weird if you ask me.
If you put 1 AP into a stat (for example LUK) then you would have to put 39(example) in there to make it 40, then you can move on to the other 2 and put 40 in those. then go back to LUK or if you want to start with the other 2 and so on.
Jan 30 13
Windia Priest
The thing is, this is not diablo
Jan 30 13
Windia Blade Master
u have to make all ur stats equal or it wont allow u to add it into the stats anymore
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Jan 30 13*
Broa Blade Recruit
except xenon doesnt use %int
and %allstat is better
%9all stats on one line is the same as 9% str, 9%dex, and 9%luk on three separate lines
and is you have a base of atleast 330 on str, dex,and luk you get 40%total dmg
Jan 30 13
Galicia Phantom 4
xkillo32: Believe me, I play KMS.
Jan 30 13
Windia Blade Master
exterZ: o really? i want to play in kms too
New MapleStory Screen: Empress Katara - ATK 156
Jan 30 13
Windia Night Walker 3
Multilateral skills require you to have a certain amount of Ability Points (It won't let me say AP...) in each stat.

By choosing 1 stat you lose out on like 60% total damage. It's definitely not worth it.
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