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Fun class to play?

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Im making a UA soon and Im not sure what class to make.
Im thinking that i wana make either a bandit, a spearman, a figher, or a brawler

Over my whole time playing maple ive noticed that ive had the most fun on mobile classes so im not sure about brawler but what do you guys think

P.S. Those 4 classes are the only options if you guys think theres a fun class i should try go ahead and mention it.
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Bandwagon MM. The community will love you.
Feb 15 2013
I'd recommend either of the pirate classes. They're both really fun!
Feb 15 2013
YamenNayo Level 138 Scania Hero
Those all sound like good choices Pick the one that sticks out the most to you. Check youtube for vids
Feb 15 2013
squire7766 Level 200 Bera Paladin
Brawlers are by far the slowest moving class in game. They have very little mobility outside of combat, but do have semi-spammable rush moves that can be used to link with each other to move across a flat map. They also have Bucc blast to make up for the lack of horizontal range moves.

Fighters and Spears are both equal in mobility.

Bandits are the quickest out of the 4 you've chosen.

In terms of utility of their UA moves, Warriors have very little use for them. Brawlers also have a rather lackluster use for Sharkwave since their update, but some argue it can be used to 'snipe' and recharge energy.

Bandits probably have the most useful UA move in Vampire, being able to dodge and quickly heal with vampire when necessary.

I'd pick Bandit if I were you, though I've personally never had a good experience playing with them from 2nd to 3rd job.

As always, fun is relative so that aspect is something you'd have to decide on
Feb 15 2013
If you like mobility then go with Shadower. I also have an UA Shadower and I find the UA Vampire very useful, but also remember to bring along some potions just in case you lag or have no more MP.
Feb 15 2013

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