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If Kanna comin out on the 27th

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How soon after do you think Hayato will be released?, were Hayato and Kanna released simultaneously in JMS?.
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


No Hayato was released 1st then Kanna a few weeks ago

Don't look at other versions release cycle, all versions does it differently
Feb 18 2013
MrPirate Level 199 Windia Buccaneer
no hayato was released before kanna was but in gms its the other way around we get kanna then hayato i think hayato will come out 3-5 weeks after kanna
Feb 18 2013
Safe to assume a month or so, we need to farm coins
Feb 18 2013
Blazetent Level 200 Broa Hayato 4 Nimbus Guild
Nope they came out at different times...

We should hopefully get a dated 'coming soon' image on creation screen when Kanna comes out.
Feb 18 2013
Well i can't wait to make Hayato, samurai class sounds cool
Feb 18 2013

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