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Feb 18 13
Mardia Mihile 4
How soon after do you think Hayato will be released?, were Hayato and Kanna released simultaneously in JMS?.
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Feb 18 13
Bera Hayato 4
No Hayato was released 1st then Kanna a few weeks ago

Don't look at other versions release cycle, all versions does it differently
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Feb 18 13
Windia Buccaneer
no hayato was released before kanna was but in gms its the other way around we get kanna then hayato i think hayato will come out 3-5 weeks after kanna
Feb 18 13
Bera Cleric
Hyper skills between Kanna and Hayato pllleassurueuu
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Feb 18 13
Bera Luminous 4
Safe to assume a month or so, we need to farm coins
Feb 18 13
Broa Buccaneer
Nope they came out at different times...

We should hopefully get a dated 'coming soon' image on creation screen when Kanna comes out.
Feb 18 13
Mardia Mihile 4
Well i can't wait to make Hayato, samurai class sounds cool

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