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Feb 18 13
Nova Crossbow Man
Hey everyone,

Well, the Gaga and Cassandra Town Lag is still a widely unresolved issue that's been plaguing many people. It renders moving inside towns unbearable and impossible to maneuver in. Especially for those playing MS on their laptops.
Now, I've seen plenty of solutions come up for this. Some people say that you have to cache the date and time in the files, some people say you just have to switch your battery settings, while others say you have to completely ditch your 32-bit processor.

Has anyone actually experienced this immense town lag and ACTUALLY overcame it with a certain solution? If so, what did you do?

I want to clear this up once and for all for all the people that can't play the game because of Gaga and Cassandra.
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Feb 18 13
Windia Kaiser 4
Bought a new, better laptop.
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Feb 18 13
Khaini Noblesse
It's stopping my friend from playing with me, so I'd like to find a solution for this as well.
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Feb 18 13
Windia Dark Knight
Power options worked for me
Feb 18 13
Windia Dark Knight
Better laptop...? Sorry, that was my solution to this. I had an old desktop that experienced this problem, but I didn't have once I got a new one.
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Feb 18 13
Nova Crossbow Man
For those who bought better laptops and stopped experiencing the issue:
Mind telling me which laptops you all bought? :9
Feb 18 13
Bera Aran 4
Going from a Duo Core to an i5 seems to work for me.
Feb 18 13
Windia Bishop
Flan Guild
sufian: Bought a new, better laptop.

I don't know if this is going to work for everyone, cuz i was playing on a 5years old laptop and everything are running smoothly till i bought a new one that actually is a better laptop than my old one... its complete lag on Ellinia and CBD.... Like no way i can walk through that two towns... With other towns, sometime i need to renter the map for a few times so it doesn't lag at all or as much. Sometime i cc on a hunting ground to find a ch that doesn't lag. I changed my battery setting and it reduced the lag in, but still no luck with Ellinia, so i won't bother to test CBD..... I think nexon should just remove those npc.... since they don't seem to be interested to fix the problem = i mean we can just receive event quests from the star on the side then, there is no need for laggy npc =_____=
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Feb 18 13
Chaos Battle Mage 3
TrueTerror: Power options worked for me

Power option?
Explain more...
Feb 18 13
Scania Blade Master
It's probably that u dont have enough rams
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