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Feb 18 13
Windia Night Lord
How did the rest of you guys do with them? Anything good? Hope you guys did better than me..

1 box on a mule and I got a chair box
40 boxes on my main and not one chair box.. just a potential scroll, crappy scrolls and pots.

really bad luck ._.

this event wouldn't have sucked if the chairs were tradable
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Feb 18 13
Mardia Battle Mage 4
A cloud chair, owl chair, and crystal chair out of 59 boxes. *Disappointed*
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Feb 18 13
Scania Battle Mage 4
Can't even log in... It keeps d/cing me
Feb 18 13*
Windia Blade Master
ima log in right now to get that
thanks for reminder
ill tell u what i get in my 6 dices
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Feb 18 13
Windia Mercedes 4
Out of 12, one cloud chair, a bunch of scrolls I can't use, and worthless pots. Could be worse I suppose.
Feb 18 13
Broa Phantom 4
I'm just happy I got a character slot expansion from this.
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Feb 18 13
Windia Bow Master
I got a single chair.
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Feb 18 13
Broa Dark Knight
Are the cloud chairs tradeable?
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Feb 18 13
Scania Evan 10th Growth
well they give character expansion for every update so im full, i have no more slots left
Feb 18 13
Bellocan Blade Specialist
What event is this?
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