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Azwan scrolls worth for merchin?

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do they really worth? how much ppl pay for them?
i wanna try to farm for some scrolls the get more money but im not sure if they really worth, what would you recommend?
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Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
My friend left his story up for a lot of the day and he made 20-40m, he prices them at 2-3m ea.
Mar 21 2013
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DjFunky Level 201 Scania Wind Archer 4 Reconcile Guild
I'd recommend **an** English course for you too.

No. They're difficult to sell.[/quote]
But Course didn't sound vowel to me.
Mar 21 2013
ModerateTrader Level 200 Bera Wild Hunter 4 Lavish Guild
But Course didn't sound vowel to me.[/quote]

Course doesn't, but **English** does.

... a course (good)
... an English course (good)
... a English course (bad)
Mar 21 2013
13bukedDP Level 84 Scania Hermit
@DjFunky just got burned trying to be smart
Mar 21 2013

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