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Maplestory download at 0 bps

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Clyde32 Level 177 Bera Battle Mage 4
I have tried downloading maplestory and whenever I start, it goes to 0 bps. I have tried downloading on steam, however, my brother and I share steam accounts so his nexon account is locked to our steam account. I would make a new steam account, however, I play some of the games that own. I know you can launch maplestory through the game launcher,but I would like a solution to not using that. I would like to play through the website. How should I fix the 0 bps problem?
Posted: March 2013 Permalink


GetDefensive Level 202 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
I had this problem once too.

The way I fixed it was using a different browser to download it.

I think I used firefox to download it and it stayed up instead of going down to 0.
Mar 24 2013

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