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How do you get Primal essence

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DarougeOru Level 150 Khaini Corsair
Gold Flowers or Heartstones
Mar 24 2013
Saelynnie Level 210 Bera Bishop
Get ready to farm thousands of them.
Mar 24 2013
crazymaster Level 200 Bellocan Hero
Gold Flowers and Heartstones are the most common sources.
I'm not sure and it's not confirmed, but I think Arkarium and his Snake Priests may also drop some.
Mar 24 2013
Harvest either heart stones or golden flowers... Unfortunately even with lvl 10 Mining or Harvesting (Forgot the proper termonology) you can still fail often, therefore its probably suggested that you have your profession as a harvester so that you can boost your empathy each day. By increasing your empathy it allows a higher succession rate of successfully harvesting or mining a Heart stone or golden flower. Furthermore, someone who had lvl 100 empathy pointed out that he was able to find a primal essence quickly and easier due to a higher lvl of empathy, thus with that I'd strongly suggest you to go with being a harvester if you are looking for primal essence
Mar 24 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
@KnightTale: It's impossible to successfully mine a Heartstone or a Gold Flower. You always fail no matter what.
Mar 24 2013

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