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Evolving System Guide

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Perrystar2272 Level 141 Galicia Evan 9th Growth
WARNING! TYPO! The monster generator is glitched,because when you open it it says "Do you want to exit the evolving system?" Hit yes. All it will do is spawn monsters and it will NOT kick you out. Props if you already knew this,but now you know if you didnt.
Hullo! This is going to be an evolving system guide! It is still in progress,and will NOT be updated often,because my computer is broken and we only have one computer at the house. I will try to make this guide as in-depth as I can,but no promises lol

So what IS the Evolving System?

Basically,what the evolving system is,is your personal training ground for level 100-250. You get to it through the Dimensional Mirrior. It came out in GMS on April 3,2013. You can adjust several different things in it with cores (more on that later),including the mobs,the background,the BGM,the drops, and several other things. Of course,every good thing has its limits. There is a 5-time limit,and you can be inside for 30 minutes a day. If you train for all of the 30 minutes 5 times,thats' 2 and a half hours of training! No KSers,no hackers,nobody trying to do anything. It's also a (greatplacetoafk) *le gasp* PARTY PLAY ZONE?. So,if you want to know more, read this guide. Oh,and the map has a neon theme. NOW THAT'S JUST FRIGGIN COOL


To change the different settings in your little training grounds,you need these rocks called CORES. Before you can change anything,you have to go to the basic maps and collect cores. You can adjust several different things using these cores. You can hold a maximum of 96 different Cores in your Core Inventory. Cores are basically building blocks to this map. ONCE YOU USE A CORE YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK. Core inventory/interface Interface/inventory The one circled in purple that is locked is a special core slot. You unlock it with a mission core. The three locked ones around it arejust regular core slots.

An Incomplete list of cores

Round Cores
Mission Cores
Monster HPx core
Monster Level core
Threat Fabrication Monster core
Mission Added core
Monster Population core
Party EXP core
Weapon Drop core
Equipment Drop core
Mineral Drop core
Herb Drop core
Mineral Drop Rate
Square Cores
BGM core (sorry,no old maple music. But you might be able to bring back some nostalgia with the Rising Star core,eh?)
Monster Skin core
Map Skin core
Unique Cores
DISCLAIMER:I have NO idea what kinds of cores there are with these unique cores. I've i've only come across a few before,so feel free to tell me some more of these core names.Methinks that they just add on to the regular effects,like if you had one Party EXP +5% core and then equipped a Unique core with the same stats it would be Party EXP +10%.
Monster Population core
Party EXP core


Gelimer finds out a way to release Lotus from his experiment cage.Lotus is Orchid's brother. Gelimer orders Lotus to attack Orchid and defeats her,leaving her powerless. She was found and is recuperating in the Edelstein Underground Base. how awkward lol [url=]An in-depth video[/url]


Party Play

If you're wondering what Party Play is,its when you get bonus EXP by hunting with a party. To activate party play,you must have a +Party EXP core. When your party members enter for the first time,the party members will recieve a popup showing the stats of your map and it will allow them to cancel within 10 seconds if they change their mind.


Without changing the appearance of the mobs or the background,it will look like you're inside of a computer.

Monster Spawn

To spawn mobs,you talk to the Monster Creator. There are mob theme cores that you can buy. Not all mobs are in themes,such as Manon,Griffey,Pianus,the Cygnus instructors,and Cygnus herself. They are spawned using a Threat Fabrication monster core. They will drop some (but not all) of the same items the regular versions do.

Coin Shop

To buy things in the world,you complete quests and hunt monsters to get Evolving Coins that you can trade for Cores,scrolls,secondary weapons,and a Pocket Item called ESS Square.[url=]Stats (non-potential'd)[/url] You can also buy some of the cores with mesos,but in MOST cases they dont go over 999,999 mesos. The coin store also sells secondary equipments,but they are the highest level and are 400 evolving coins. The store also has scrolls and what is supposedly a mystery SKILL book. I have no idea if this is a typo or not. Please confirm


I've heard that you can get Manon's Cry in these maps. I am wondering if you can also get other items for quests as well. Grinding for quest items that have a tiny drop rate would be inefficient in my opinion,because you can only stay in there for 30 minutes.


Thanks to Orange Mushroom's blog because i found several things on it
Thanks to myself because i feel like i wasted my time
thanks to nexon for creating this amazing system

Update List

3/30/2013 This amazing guide was created
4/6/2013 Logged on,fixed a few things,added some information,hoping to add a full list of cores,because i feel the list on MapleWiki isnt right and changed the links to actual links THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME THAT
4/13/13 Added some info,fixed some stuff. The usual. Added the core list
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Changing the BGM... Can I get old maple music in it?
Mar 30 2013
MeMagicalPie Level 210 Kradia Bow Master Sanctuary Guild
"Came" Yes use past tense before it happens

OT: When is Cygnus Belt released?
Mar 30 2013
Perrystar2272 Level 141 Galicia Evan 9th Growth
Changing the BGM... Can I get old maple music in it?[/quote]

You would have to see what BGM cores they have. I don't think you can right now,but we'll see. They'll probably add more cores with updates.
Mar 30 2013
MyKarma Level 99 Broa Mercedes 3
Same here... and nothing more.
Mar 30 2013
Lets say I make my own system with my NL, can I use the same settings on another char on the same account?
Mar 30 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
I heard that you can get manon's cry from the evolving world. However, I don't really understand how it works and stuff, so how would you obtain the core to get manon into your map?
Mar 30 2013
Thupie Level 187 Galicia Luminous 4
Fix the grammar and punctuation later.
Mar 30 2013
i just want those empress shoulderpads
Mar 30 2013
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