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Root Abyss Pets

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hyhfct Level 225 Galicia Bishop
Those are pretty creepy. [url=][/url]
Apr 01 2013
New Screen: Ayylmao
Kawaii Desu~ post extenders are way too mainstream.
Apr 01 2013
KiritoSAO Level 172 Scania Wild Hunter 4
I thought Von Bon looked decent...
Apr 01 2013
Aww the second and third one look so cute in a weird and creepy way
Apr 01 2013
Genji Level 203 Galicia Blade Master
Who would want Queen as their pet?

Bon is better then some pets in the cs ...[/quote]

i want the Queen as my slave
Apr 01 2013
DreanBurster Level 210 Windia Angelic Buster 4 Boundless Guild
What if I told you Kannas and Hayatos are JMS exclusive?[/quote]

What if I told you Nexon Logic?
Apr 01 2013
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