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Maple Story: summer is dead DEADDDDD
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Apr 01 13
Windia Angelic Buster 4
What if I told you those are JMS exclusive?
PC Games Screen: Paper umbreon!
Apr 01 13
Galicia Bishop
Those are pretty creepy.
MapleStory Screen: XLohdWiz the Puppeteer
Apr 01 13
Bera Mercedes 1
DreanBurster: What if I told you those are JMS exclusive?

What if I told you Kannas and Hayatos are JMS exclusive?
MapleStory Video: Baby with a Gun
Apr 01 13
Bera Demon Slayer 4
What if I told you those are pretty dam ugly?
MapleStory Screen: TMS Perfected Dragon Slayer Knight Armor MapleStory Video: 11 marvels / perm nx box/ gachapon/ cubing
Apr 01 13
Bera Phantom 4
Kawaii Desu~ post extenders are way too mainstream.
Apr 01 13
Nova Beast Tamer Cat
In JMS, you get the Von Bon, Pierre, and Queen pets by clearing those bosses 21 times. As far as I know, you get a Vellum mount when you have all 3 pets equipped.
MapleStory Video: New Leaf Saga - Episode 12 "Beta Test"
Apr 01 13
ElNido Kaiser 4
I thought Von Bon looked decent...
Apr 01 13
DemethosGMS Mercedes 3
Aww the second and third one look so cute in a weird and creepy way
Apr 01 13
Galicia Blade Master
kpop224: Who would want Queen as their pet?

Bon is better then some pets in the cs ...

i want the Queen as my slave
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