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Solo Evolving System

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jjohnson10 Level 130 Reboot Aran 4
I've heard quite a lot that the fastest non-LHC way to level pre-165 is the Evolving System. Is that true if you do it solo?
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rockboarder Level 108 Demethos Priest
w8 a few days then see
Apr 03 2013
Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
I havent been getting good experience, maybe I am doing it wrong.
Apr 03 2013
The best exp is in party, but if you go alone, try using Spawn rate, xHP and +7lvl cores

Edit: I used 30% spawn, HP x5 and monster level +7 while the 2exp. I gained 2 lvls (lvl 161 now) in 45 minutes in Link 3 map
So yeah, its pretty insane exp

While training i got +100% spawn cores, so imagine all that exp
Apr 03 2013
not sure but without any cores i was getting 4k ea from the digital slime things and i would imagine that you could use cores to boost the exp and make monsters higher lv and whatnot so yes i guess but it's only 2 hours 30 mins a day so
Apr 03 2013
The wild hunter is right, I've seen videos in KMS where you can apparently make the digital slimes go and gather in one place, if you're especially good at mobbing, just imagine how much exp you would gain from that. Say like aliens are what, 10 in each row, so that's 2 in corridor 6, that would be 20 x 3000 per kill which is in my case 60000 per 4 seconds. Now if the wild hunter is right, let's give an approximate number of the slimes in a room, say 30. 30 x 4000 per kill would be 120000 for 4 seconds for the respawn, that would probably give you two times the leveling rate at which you would be if you were training at aliens. The thing is, the next few days are gonna be hectic if everyone's gonna be at the evolving system training grounds.
Apr 03 2013
No, parties are best. The only time evolving world is good exp is if you're using party exp cores, which obviously only apply if you're in a party.
Apr 03 2013
@ox0Shad0w0xo: What I mean is, because we just got the patch, everyone would be trying to get into the same place to try out the evolving system.
Apr 03 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
Oh okay, I gotcha. Wasn't too sure what you meant since I haven't been there yet lol.
Apr 03 2013
probin Level 197 Windia Bishop
you guys do it wrong... first unlock all the links 6-9 9 has the strongest monsters and you will need to get some good monster cores and do alot of quests to get to the good exp point and by that i mean 100k xp per kill without party bonus
Apr 03 2013
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