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Apr 05 13
Bera Luminous 4
Is a clean Branch Nose(Lvl 40) with Unique potential worth 6b?
-6% INT
-4% INT
- some random line

And bonus pot of 4 Magic Attack.
Apr 05 13
ElNido Bishop
Mmmm....another thing I can't afford.
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Apr 05 13
Windia Luminous 4
Ill buy if ur in windia.
Apr 05 13
Scania Blade Master
You can get 10%int face for 2-3b
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Apr 05 13
Bera Luminous 4
Well... It was something I saw in the FM. I just didn't know if it was worth it.
Apr 05 13
Windia Phantom 4
that's the correct proce. they even seem like they're underselling in my mind.
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Apr 05 13
Broa Assassin
Seems cheapish. A unique 6% one in Broa sold for 7bilish weeks ago .

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