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doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
Soul Master/Dawn Warrior Revamp
Uses a Sun/Moon system. Depending on which is currently on, different skills can be used

1st Job
Triple Slash: Rapidly cut enemies up and down
Sword Of Light: Puts your own soul to the sword
Element: Soul: Summon the soul of soul to strengthen you
Inner Voice: Guided by the soul to hear echoes
2nd Job
Silent Move/Loud Rush: Cut any enemies you pass by/Push enemies in front of you
Trace Cut/Shadow Time:
Pulling Moon: Take the moonlight's power to your sword
Inner Trust: Strike precisely with unshakable belief
Two Hand Sword Mastery
Body And Soul: Master the basic training of the body and soul

3rd Job
Moon Shadow/Light Flux: Rapidly rotate around in place while attacking enemies nearby/
Moon Cross/Sun Cross: Pull Forward Enemies/Push Away Enemies
Rising Sun: Raise your sword to receive the power of the sun
True Sight: Face your opponent by seeing their soul through their eyes
Soul Guardian: Borrow the power of the ancients
Wall of Steel:
Inner Shout: Focus your mind and vitality to your whole body

4th Job
Cygnus Knights
Dance of Moon/Seupiding (?) Dance: Holding the power of the moon, damage your enemy in front of you with your bare sword/Divides the sun to target your enemy by both ends
Crescent Divide/Solar Piece:
Soul Penetration: Penetrate enemies with a summoned sword falling like a star and smashed to the floor
Souluna Time (?): Accepts the passage of time, depending if it's sun or moon
Soul Please (?):
Two Hand Sword Expertise
Nullify your opponent's defense with unpredictable attacks
Master Of The Sword: Reach the end of swordmanship
Hyper Skills
Divide and Pierce - Reinforce
Divide and Pierce - Extra Target
Divide and Pierce - Bonus Attack
Seupiding Dance - Reinforce
Seupiding Dance - Ignore Guard
Seupiding Dance - Boss Killer
Cross The Styx: By separating the living and the dead and the power of your soul, creates a huge blow
Glory Of The Guardian
Soul Forge: Sharpen the forged power of the soul to produce a sword

go to leafre , youll find it there, credits to them
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Still waiting for night lord and blaze wizard revamp
Apr 10 2013
MyEyesHurt Level 49 Bera Mercedes 2
Still waiting for night lord and blaze wizard revamp[/quote]

Night walker you mean
Apr 10 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
@geralddino: Well, that really sucks then. If they're OPed, then the 2H sword prices will go even higher >.<
I guess they wanted to make them a bit different from mihiles, who can only use OH swords..
Apr 10 2013
geralddino Level 171 Bera Aran 4
@simaini: Yeah, but it doesn't make sense. Mihile is the teacher for Dawn Warriors... Mihile, who has a 1h sword teaches dudes with 2h swords. Thats just weird.
Apr 10 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
@geralddino: Eh, maybe because 1h requires more skill to use? And mihile has a soul shield, so the dawn warriors don't and have to use 2h .-. Lol
Apr 10 2013
lokthar111 Level 181 Bera Bow Master
Oh cool O_O They're doing a remake of the Dawn Warrior? Too bad I've already hitched my wagon to Mihile, but still this is kind of interesting to me.
Apr 10 2013
SanjuPM Level 230 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art SanjuPM is intoSanjuPM
The class is really nice and the moon and sun stance system they have looks really cool! I makes me want to play my dw again haha. But no, my heart is stolen by the new wind archer still..
Apr 10 2013
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