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doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
Soul Master/Dawn Warrior Revamp
Uses a Sun/Moon system. Depending on which is currently on, different skills can be used

1st Job
Triple Slash: Rapidly cut enemies up and down
Sword Of Light: Puts your own soul to the sword
Element: Soul: Summon the soul of soul to strengthen you
Inner Voice: Guided by the soul to hear echoes
2nd Job
Silent Move/Loud Rush: Cut any enemies you pass by/Push enemies in front of you
Trace Cut/Shadow Time:
Pulling Moon: Take the moonlight's power to your sword
Inner Trust: Strike precisely with unshakable belief
Two Hand Sword Mastery
Body And Soul: Master the basic training of the body and soul

3rd Job
Moon Shadow/Light Flux: Rapidly rotate around in place while attacking enemies nearby/
Moon Cross/Sun Cross: Pull Forward Enemies/Push Away Enemies
Rising Sun: Raise your sword to receive the power of the sun
True Sight: Face your opponent by seeing their soul through their eyes
Soul Guardian: Borrow the power of the ancients
Wall of Steel:
Inner Shout: Focus your mind and vitality to your whole body

4th Job
Cygnus Knights
Dance of Moon/Seupiding (?) Dance: Holding the power of the moon, damage your enemy in front of you with your bare sword/Divides the sun to target your enemy by both ends
Crescent Divide/Solar Piece:
Soul Penetration: Penetrate enemies with a summoned sword falling like a star and smashed to the floor
Souluna Time (?): Accepts the passage of time, depending if it's sun or moon
Soul Please (?):
Two Hand Sword Expertise
Nullify your opponent's defense with unpredictable attacks
Master Of The Sword: Reach the end of swordmanship
Hyper Skills
Divide and Pierce - Reinforce
Divide and Pierce - Extra Target
Divide and Pierce - Bonus Attack
Seupiding Dance - Reinforce
Seupiding Dance - Ignore Guard
Seupiding Dance - Boss Killer
Cross The Styx: By separating the living and the dead and the power of your soul, creates a huge blow
Glory Of The Guardian
Soul Forge: Sharpen the forged power of the soul to produce a sword

go to leafre , youll find it there, credits to them
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Still waiting for night lord and blaze wizard revamp
Apr 10 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
@geralddino: Well, that really sucks then. If they're OPed, then the 2H sword prices will go even higher >.<
I guess they wanted to make them a bit different from mihiles, who can only use OH swords..
Apr 10 2013
geralddino Level 171 Bera Aran 4
@simaini: Yeah, but it doesn't make sense. Mihile is the teacher for Dawn Warriors... Mihile, who has a 1h sword teaches dudes with 2h swords. Thats just weird.
Apr 10 2013
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
@geralddino: Eh, maybe because 1h requires more skill to use? And mihile has a soul shield, so the dawn warriors don't and have to use 2h .-. Lol
Apr 10 2013
lokthar111 Level 181 Bera Bow Master
Oh cool O_O They're doing a remake of the Dawn Warrior? Too bad I've already hitched my wagon to Mihile, but still this is kind of interesting to me.
Apr 10 2013
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