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Apr 18 13
Bera Bishop
Which monsters drop them ?
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Apr 18 13
Windia Xenon 2
I've just been getting them from monsters around my level
Apr 18 13
Windia Battle Mage 2
You find them at monsters around your level. They can be only found on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday I believe. Be sure to summon them at the monsters around your level or the monsters won't drop any gems.
Apr 18 13
Bera Shadower
Really? It's that hard to read the description of the quest when you accept it?
Apr 18 13
Bera Bishop
Officially it suppossed to be 11 under yur lvl, 21 above your lvl. But i am hunting Pirates (me 97, they 102) and never got one. So i was wondering.
Apr 18 13
Khaini Kanna 4
Yeah, that's because they drop on certain days as the above poster said. you really should read the update notes before making a thread asking for help
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Apr 18 13
Bera Bishop
maybe you re right i am srry then
Apr 19 13
Khaini Aran 4
Soooooo...where do lv 200s hunt? Evo?
Apr 19 13
Bera Mihile 4
Jesters drop them then?
Apr 19 13
ElNido Blade Master
OnyxApple: Soooooo...where do lv 200s hunt? Evo?

I think at a certain level all mobs past that level go towards it
i.e. level is 140, monsters 140+ will work towards event for players 140+
I forget what level that is tho
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