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v.134 - Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights

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ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
Unless they stick DA and Xenon in the same month, Xenon isn't until July [i]at least[/i] could be longer if Nexon decides to throw something else into the mix again. I don't know why you were thinking Xenon was in May though, that's so far off considering we haven't even started unlimited and May is anniversary month.
Apr 27 2013
New Video: Ps4 hands on first impressions
Elfin Level 167 Nova Mercedes 4
Of course they had to have an alien in the banner (bottom left) and the squid thing if that counts since its on a ufo.
Apr 27 2013
yay another mapleversary
Apr 27 2013
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
we don't need xenon
we need revamp blaze wizard
Apr 27 2013
It still amazes me how every time May rolls around, people still expect content other than Anniversary.
Apr 27 2013
Its funny because you feel the need to post on every possible forum how xenon isn't there. The knowledge is strong with you[/quote]

Yes D: I like my voice to be heard . When I'm angry about something. Hoping that others will feel the same, and join meh in my anger-edness .
Apr 27 2013
NOOOOOO why are they destroying the value of empress equips...
Apr 27 2013
demonko33 Level 107 Scania Blade Lord
I lol at this thread. The op bandwagon is strong in this one.
Apr 27 2013
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