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Apr 28 13
Chaos Zero Transcendent
Hey guys, I'm wondering if I should keep soloing link 3 (a bit of a pot burn and it's so annoying to keep getting knocked around) Or find a party for link 9.

Keep in mind I have no idea what's in link 9 and my damage is subpar at best. 8954 - 11193 unbuffed.

I really want to keep going on my NL but I'm at a loss. Should I just get to 110 @ Evo Lab and try an find a kind party to take me in @ LHC?
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Apr 28 13
Windia Phantom 4
It depends,
link 9 should be 10x more annoying then 3,
3 only knocks u back but the monster are easily killable
and the damage is really negligible. 9 is a major pot burn
and the damage can ohko certain classes depending on the
level. They also stun with a high %. Also the map is gross
and so is the spawn for link 9. I would suggest you stay
in link 3 to grind for better cores......
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Apr 28 13
Scania Blade Master
If you mean for exp, don't know but link 9 has that insane stun spam which is really annoying
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Apr 28 13
Chaos Zero Transcendent
So I should just keep on with Link 3 till? 140? 160? When if ever would be a good time to move to LHC.

Also my set up for link 3 is 5xhp, 30% population , +7 levels. Is that ok? I kill decently fast.
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Apr 28 13
Bera Battle Mage 4
I like LHC better because you don't have to stand in the middle of the entire mob and just spam Shade Splitter for 30 minutes. It doesn't fit a NL play style to just be near mobs. At least at LHC you can choose your range and use QS or Shuriken Burst since there's only a few monsters each mob.
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Apr 28 13
Broa Blade Master
Don't go to Link 9. It's a trap.
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Apr 28 13
Windia F/P Arch Mage
leeching/training at LHC at 130 is better than link 3 imo
Apr 28 13
Bera Wild Hunter 4
Link 9 is only good "IF" you can kill easily.
It's really only good if you have strong damage due to how strong they are.
1. They stun 90% of the time
2. They're also strong and can one hit kill you if your HP is low.
3. They have a lot of HP already by themselves and ofc the exp is higher if you raise it higher.
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Apr 28 13
KradiaGMS Bishop
1. Are u a Mage or warrior with high HP (MP for Mage)
2. Do u have high (or fairly high) status resistance (like bishop or mihile)
3. Do u do a lot of damage?

If u answer yes to all 3 questions, then u may consider training in link nine.

If u train in link 3, get the mihile link skill as it helps a bunch.
Apr 28 13
Broa Mechanic 4
You'd need high % Status Resistance for Link 9.
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