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May 18 13
Scania Luminous 4
Can you guys give me a p/c on all of the lionheart armors excluding shoulder? Thanks! A p/c on the 2h sword would be nice, too.
May 18 13
Scania Dark Knight
Boots- 50m
helm- 100m
overall- 100m
gloves- 80m
2h sword- 150m
cape - 100m
these prices are the avg. AFAIK about the cape im not 100% sure
May 18 13
Scania Blade Master
^^^ 2h sword for 150m?
Yeah, I wish.
New MapleStory Screen: Dual blade wearing a mon?
May 18 13*
Scania Dark Knight
Saw a few for 130m-170/180m
so 150 is kind of the avg
EDIT: to ts, do u sell it or buy it?
May 18 13
Scania Luminous 4
I'm buying. Can you give me the fm number?
May 18 13
Scania Dark Knight
It was a few days ago. Dunno if still there.
Dont remember the name but it was in perion rooms

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