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Quick Start Guide to Monster Life

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Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
*This is only a [i]quick start[/i] guide and is not meant to go into depth.
Any questions regarding this or anything else are welcomed down below or in game via farm ID:@Nausicaa

>What is the Point?
Monster Life is a game. As with all games, the point is to have fun.
If you do not enjoy this type of game, don't play it.
Monster Life allows players to meet and communicate with players from another servers.
Monsters in Monster Life also provide stats to your MapleStory characters on the same account.

>Where to Begin?
Do quests
Following the quests should allow you to speed your way to lv10.

This is your main source of income early game.

Breed only with C-ranked monsters
Until you can generate waru to support higher ranked combinations, stick with c-ranks.
Anything else will just be a waste of waru which you could have invested into buildings.

Monsters below level 3 cannot breed.

Get a mushroom and an undead(or yeti)
This will be useful, keep one of each if you get one.

Always keep one C ranked monster
This is where all your exp will comes from. Combine and nurture the offsprings, then throw them out.
10exp will be rewarded every time you nurture a monster.
Keep breeding with this till your fingers bleed.

Invest your waru into buildings
Use the 2k or 5k waru from the everyday gift on buildings. Focus on getting the most waru/squaretime.
Waru is important. It allows you to make high ranked combinations and purchase monster boxes via Special Merchant.

Recommended: Red Brick Abode, Gingerbread Gables, Nova Safehouse, Tick Tock Townhouse, Big Bowl Noodles

Get an A ranked mushroom (or higher)
This will lower the cost of buildings significantly

To rank up, just keep breeding with monsters your rank or higher. The monsters' levels affects chances of ranking up.

Breed a Pharaoh Yeti
Combine a Pharaoh Mummy with a Yeti & Pepe (or the reverse) for a chance of producing a Pharaoh Yeti.
"150% farm exp" potential from Pharaoh Yeti will increase the speed of leveling significantly

>FAQ & Important Notes
Monster potentials do not stack
The highest potential of the type will be automatically selected (this excludes special-type monsters).

Monsters without potentials cannot breed
The monsters you get from hottime and the normal Monster Incubator do not come with potential
Potentials expire after 30 days.

Offspring type is dependent on the parents
Your monster's type ~75%
Other monster's type ~20%
Random ~5%

Monster Slots are rewarded at specific levels
3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 33, 37
For a total of 18 slots without buying extra slots with gems.

>Useful Links
[url=]Locate Specific Types of Monsters[/url]
Quickly find specific types of monsters

[url=]Quest Guide[/url]
Another thread on where to find what

[url=]Combining Special Monsters[/url]
Special combinations and where to find them

[url=]Special Merchant Store[/url]
How to obtain stuff that would otherwise cost NX
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Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
how to do the quests like where to click to see the quests to do? and what are the benefits of having a good monster life park home area?[/quote]

Quests are on the left bar, shows up as a scroll. You have main quests and side quests.
Main quests show up depending on level, and side quests are every 3 hours.
Quests usually include playing with monsters and nurturing monsters. Sometimes it makes you buy/build something from shop.

Monster Life has no benefits, just as how Maplestory, or any other game, has no benefits.
Jun 02 2013
Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
as you can see nobody cares.
Please don't reply yoou helped this thread stay on the front page.
I'm not asian[/quote]

That doesn't change the fact that you're an idiot.
It's like you going to a wine or pottery forum and commenting that nobody cares.
If you're not interested in whatever it is they talk about on there, why are you there?

Just shut up and stop making yourself look worse.
Jun 02 2013
Hm, how do you get a pharaoh mummy though? Also, is that how you got to such a high level, using C monsters? I did that for a while, until I ran out of space , but its only 30 exp per monster....
Jun 03 2013
abkz Level 157 Windia Blade Master
Wow, thank you for this it really helps a lot.
Jun 03 2013
jh92 Level 203 Demethos Luminous 4
Undead's potential is kinda lame for lv200s or if you are good at not dying.
Jun 03 2013
Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
The most economic way to rank up is to keep the type of monster you wish to obtain, with monsters of the same rank.
C-rank Mush with any C-ranks you see until you get a B, B-rank Mush with any B-ranks you see until you get a B+, and so on.

The point to get the Pharaoh Mummy is to get the Pharaoh Yeti which gives 1.5x exp when you nurture monsters.
I guess going for a Yeti&Pepe would work as well, but you'd have to locate Pharaoh Mummy's to combine with which can be difficult as yetis are more common.
Jun 03 2013
The most economic way to rank up is to keep the type of monster you wish to obtain, with monsters of the same rank.
C-rank Mush with any C-ranks you see until you get a B, B-rank Mush with any B-ranks you see until you get a B+, and so on.

Yeah... i run out waru fast because all my monsters are A+ I should have saved my C rank for exp
Jun 03 2013
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