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Hows your summer vacation going?

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Jun 04 13
Bera Shadower
(if you have one right now)
Right now it's going TERRIBLE. I live with my parents and I can't play my computer past 10, when on school days I could do whatever I want past any time I want.
I have to go to the library for like five hours every day and do nothing but read. inb4 children in africa are starving and dying
Hows yours coming along?
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Jun 04 13
Khaini Marksman
I'll get back to you next week.
Jun 04 13
Windia Kanna 4
consists of playing games, watching sad movies at home, driving on highways for hours to practise for my class 5 road test, and going out once in a while
Jun 04 13
Scania Hero
Well, my two weeks of summer vacation is up. Now I'm back at school taking my university summer courses while working.
Jun 04 13
KradiaEMS Blade Lord
hot and boring. made plans for wednesday and thursday with friends and starting water polo on monday. (shrugs)
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Jun 04 13
Windia Blade Master
boring... but currently training for track next year haha!
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Jun 04 13
KradiaGMS Demon Slayer 3
Terrible. I wasn't even into it 2 weeks and my parents found my stash and then my girlfriend's parents went and grounded her for god knows what.

Still plan on smoking though once I can drive again, I just won't keep anything at my house.
Jun 04 13
Scania Evan 2nd Growth
have job am taking train, am will visit frend and stay in his beachouse am making bank am partying and am going 2 graduation everywhere, summer is going good.
Jun 04 13
Windia Hunter
It's hot and disgusting and I want to cut town.
Jun 04 13
Renegades Night Lord
Starts in 2 weeks, but my main account got banned and won't be unbanned until 3 weeks into summer :L
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