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Xp Gain in Twilight Perion

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I apologize for making one of these threads, but there's an argument I'm trying to win.
I'm also very curious.

A couple of friends and I have been chatting about the new Twilight Perion area coming up in the new Unleashed update, and I'd really appreciate some help on this (Hopefully from people who have actually experienced it already in KMS). In the update notes posted

here -

It says that Twilight Perion will have party play maps with Golems. And in the video posted by Nexon

here -;v=rZTRcVWqpXw

It shows an AB killing golems (I'm assuming solo, because there's no one else on screen or party HUD. But anything's possible.) and gaining
250k xp with each kill.

Some proofs - (Look at the bottom-right corner)

So let's say you had a party of 6 people, including the necessary HS.
255,649 x 2.5(Because of the +50% xp per party member) = 639,122.5
Then 639,122.5 x 1.5(Because of HS) = 958,683.75 (Please correct me if I did that wrong )

On an average day, with no 2x coupons or event 2x, you're getting nearly 1million experience per kill!
But what shocks me the most about this, is that all the golems in the video are easily being killed in one hit.
I was told that they have incredibly low hp (About 500k), but is that really true?

Any help would be much appreciated!

And again, sorry for making one of "these" threads.
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@Arturia (Straight from the update notes) "Journey to Twilight Perion, a new area in the Gate to the Future." So I don't think it'd be a monster park map.

If you were to kill them on your own, and it gave the same amount of xp in the post, would it be 1m? I'm not very good with Maple math.
Jun 16 2013
@rebornrh, If you killed them by yourself, how are you going to get that x2.5 from having a full party of 6?
Jun 16 2013
You know that they are hitting 26 million damage lines in the video, right?
Jun 16 2013
@Arturia I meant by yourself, but in a party.

@Alienstock It says the golem maps will be party play in GMS.

@SnippsAran I saw that too, but like I said I was told their hp is far below the amount they hit in that video.
Jun 16 2013
Swagilicious Level 100 Zenith Hero
But the AB is hitting nearly 30m damage
Jun 16 2013
Kazzooey Level 200 Khaini Zero Transcendent
No you won't get near as much as that. The exp is distributed amongst the party at a 6:4 ratio. If you do 100% of the damage to a monster to kill it, you AT MOST will get 60% exp. Leeching will get you 40%. Doing any damage to it will put you in the middle of those to rates depending on how much damage you did.

So just [i]assuming[/i] you got that much Exp (958,683) then you multiply it by say .5 (middle rate between 40% and 60% exp to average it out) you'd get around 480k per kill which is still a nice chunk. And I'm pretty sure those are the correct exp rates too. Take a look at the VPQ mob's exp at 15k. Sounds about right for being level 200+ content, and Monster Park actually has nerfed Exp compared to the real things so it wouldn't be 230k in Park, so it leads me to believe it really is 230k per mob. I sure hope so lol.
Jun 16 2013
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