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The Meister Set

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betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild

According to orange mushroom as well as southperry (although I can't access the southperry link as the traffic on the site is apparently busy ), there is a new set that comes out with RED. The set includes lv 140 earrings WITH ATTACK and 6 slots; a lv 140 pottable ring , and a weapon that has around the same attack as a fafnir weapon. The set adds 60 attack with all three equips and 30% boss . Now it will be possible in the distant future to go for both this set as well as the three set chaos root abyss and receive a bonus of 110 attack .

Point of this randomish thread? Hold off on fafnir weapons given this new set pretty much is a potential extra 60 att boost IF you substitute the fafnir weapon for a meister one. The pottable tier 3 ring as well as earrings with attack are only a bonus as well
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betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
Root abyss set is 4 pieces.[/quote]

The three set minus a fafnir weapon will give 50 attack. On top of that the meister set will not only give 60 extra attack but the weapon has 30% boss on it to compensate for the incomplete root abyss set missing boss attack
Jun 20 2013
so your telling me that equipment prices are going to sky rocket up
Jun 20 2013
Jaulian Level 200 Chaos Aran 4
Im i probably can't afford anything in the future. T.T
Jun 20 2013
Elitist Level 201 Bera Blade Master
that level 145 weapon has existed in KMS for a while now. It has the joker ability.[/quote]

Wait a minute...are you confusing the Scarlet weapon with the new Meister set?
Jun 20 2013
Wait a minute...are you confusing the Scarlet weapon with the new Meister set?[/quote]

Looks like I was, wow 6 slots ring and that set effect
Jun 20 2013
Does anyone know what is required to make the Meister weapons? I maxed my Blacksmithing months ago, and would love something like this to make.
Nov 28 2013

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